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P. N. Institute, educates its students in the fields of Science, Commerce to discover and transmit knowledge and to make lasting contributions in our society through critical thinking and innovation. The core values of our teaching consists of four basic values: dignity, truthfulness, fairness and responsibility.

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Standards We Teach

PN Institute is an established name in IIT | JEE | NEET | FOUNDATION | BOARD preparation, guiding students of 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 – 12 A & B Group Science since 2012.

Class 7

Class VII

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Class 8

Class VIII

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Class 9

Class IX

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Class 10

Class X

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Class 11

Class XI

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Class 12

Class XII

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Vadodara’s most trusted name in academics offering the best classroom learning experience.
For Every Student, Every Classroom. Real Results.

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Survelliance for safeguarding students and maintaining disciplines

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Best teachers

Learn from the best faculties in the field with years of experience and astounding expertise

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Live Q&A

Clearing doubts of the students is our priority, for that we provide Live Q & A sessions.

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Class Notes

Providing appropriate class notes to motivate self - learning and summarized notations.

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A library is an important source of knowledge to young minds in schools. It develops the important habit of reading among the students.

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Personal Attention

We provide personal attention as each individual is an entity with unique emotional, social, intellectual needs, varied personalities, and learning styles.

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Why Choose PNI

We intend to educate students for the future and bring our current creative practices to bear on today’s most critical social, political and environmental challenges.

Integrated Teaching Approach

Our teaching methodology is very holistic & unique that it inculcates not only insightful classroom discussions but also excellent study material.

Motivational Sessions

Honorable Parth Bansal Sir himself conducts such sessions & makes sure that each student gets motivated to face competitive Exams confidently.

Disciplined Learning Environment

P. N. Institute focuses on a positive environment where an individual can learn as well as grow. We follow a good work ethics atmosphere for students.

Comprehensive testing system

Term tests which are long syllabus tests are common for all students, they are conducted to give real test environment experience.

Doubt solving sessions

Solve seemingly difficult questions with relative ease. Learn useful Question selection tops to choose the easiest questions to save crucial time.


We Care, We Share, for the Future, We Prepare

01 Personalized attention

We provide all individual students one to one advice & attention. Which help their growth.

02 Creative Thinking

We help them discover new solutions & ways of overcoming problems.

03 Competitive Environment

We foster an environment where students are encouraged to do better.


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